Amy & Cabe. At home.

What does home mean to you? After several house moves already this year, I now know it’s not about the actual ‘dwelling’, but who you’re with.

Amy and Cabe chose to marry in the gorgeous church at the bottom of Mum’s garden. Super special! I knew it would be a good day as soon as I woke up (we just get a feeling us photographers we do…)

Amy may have had to turn around en route to the church to get her flowers, but that was the only hiccup of the day. They were lucky to have a super relaxed Vicar who appears to have bombed a few of the pictures…I suspect he enjoyed himself too.

It was a heartfelt day and looking through my lens it was very clear that Cabe has got it bad. He really loves his Amy and it shows. In a world where social media distracts from the here and now, it was lovely to have a day that was all about what’s truly important, with those who matter most.  I wish you both all the best for your future together, and many happy times to come. Epic first dance too!



‘In Sickness & in Health’ -Coronavirus


Images by the ever awesome friend and Photographer Esther Wild at!

The world is a little topsy turvy right now and you may well be anxious and confused about how it could affect your Wedding plans. Now Covid-19 has firmly taken hold I feel the need to reach out to my couples to provide reassurance and comfort that I won’t be taking my responsibilities to you, and the wider Wedding Community lightly.

I’m very lucky to be part of an awesome network of fellow Photographers here in East Anglia. We are already helping each other out and in times of need, we always have. We are a close community and rest assured, there is PLENTY of backup should the worst happen.

I can’t advise you how to protect your Wedding from cancellation or what your Venue and Suppliers are likely to face, but I can tell you this. Be sensitive to your Wedding Suppliers, this is a massive unknown and we understand how worried and anxious you’ll be. Will it go ahead? Will there be financial loss? We are all worried and unsure. Being your own boss is all well and good, but you can’t call in sick. We crack on regardless and it can be tough at times. There is no such thing as a sick day! You, my dear Couples are my boss…

I plan to eat well, work out and follow all the guidance out there to combat this. I plan to be there on your Wedding Day and give you my best. I’m only as good as my last Wedding as far as I’m concerned. I’ll always recommend Wedding Insurance, but this may not be much help at all right now if you haven’t taken it out prior to the Virus breaking out.

Don’t panic and cancel your Wedding or your supplier. Your Insurance will be unlikely to ‘cough’ up and you could be out of pocket.

Chat to your existing and potential suppliers about the Virus. They might help you to postpone, move your date or carry forward existing payments. As I see it, we are all in this mess together, so let’s keep talking and looking for ways to adapt and overcome and be creative.

If your supplier becomes ill and has to cancel, this will be covered in the cancellation policy for any contract you should have signed.

I do what I do because I care about my Couples having an experience to remember. I’m part of the deal, not just capturing your images, but the entire service you receive when I rock up camera in hand. I want to continue making magic for you all, but we are all vulnerable right now. Yes it’s going to be a massive challenge but with sensitivity, calmness, communication and good old fashioned optimism, we can face it head on, together.

If you’re worried or concerned, please get in touch. We can thrash it out and come up with a plan of action. Let’s face this together. I’m a great problem solver.

Let’s get Married! x (just maybe not in the way you’d planned, but that may just add to the magic – you never know) My Mum says we find all the best places when we get lost 🙂

What going on here then? Ben & Cassie at Holkham Hall that’s what!

A Thursday Wedding you say? Why the hell not? Ben and Cassie pulled out all the stops and threw a pretty darn classy day for their guests. They married at a beautiful church, the steeple being visible from their cosy cottage in the village. Pretty idyllic really.

We had a cool vicar who forgot to get the organist in place, so he set the tone for the hymns providing some amusement along the way! The church was decked out beautifully by the ever talented Roz Hamilton (a real team effort this Wedding) I wouldn’t trust anyone else with flowers now having seen her work several times.

Ben and I have worked closely together for several years now, we were a tight team and it was bloody lovely to see us all together again for a happy occasion.

We had a fly away veil almost lost to Holkham forever rescued by a kind passer by, whilst the park deer watched with mild curiosity chewing on the grass.

Holkham pulled off an epic show and made us all feel super welcome, the room was super pretty and made a cracking stage for some emotional speeches and a sweet first dance.

Ben and Cassie, thanks for having Esther and I along for the ride. It was an absolute privilege to be trusted with your special day, one I won’t forget in a hurry. Ben, I still think you’re punching buddy…….but you know I love you. Despite all my breakfasts you ruined over the years:)

Huge thanks to the immesuarably gifted Esther Wild for second shooting and giving me lots of yumminess to choose from check her out at





Pitchforks & Pimms

Last Saturday took me to another Wedding ‘at home’, which seems to be quite fashionable of late! Rather bloody lovely too.

Becca got ready at home with her girlfriends surrounding her, overlooking the garden where the party would happen later on. Chaps bustled back and forth carrying cables, flowers and ice as the morning developed. A short drive to a beautiful church with a super friendly Vicar set the tone for smiles all round. Roberts smile was pretty huge waiting at the aisle for Becca. Several Christmas’s all at once (or maybe a new Tractor delivery perhaps?)

Becca’s dress was absolutely stunning and I’m very jealous of her dinky waist! Cracking choice of frock Mrs. I think Robert’s face said it all really. So, a day of firsts for me, a text to ask someone to trim nose hair, and a veil stuck on a diesel tank. Yup, you read that right. We had a fab guitar playing best man for speeches, rather original and incredibly funny. 10 out of 10. Becca and Robert have a fab group of friends behind them which made for a superb party, but enough of me waffling on, have a look for yourself.

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs Hirst, may you always be this happy.

Huge thank you to the talented Patrick Watson Photography for second shooting and getting our Bride into (and out of) the Tractor…

Epic hair from Proper up ‘dooooooos’

Flawless MUA skills from Stephanie Alexandra Makeup (IG stephaniealexandramua91)



Top Secret Vow Renewal – Helen & Chris

Who said romance was dead? Certainly not Chris! Months of meticiclous planning finally came to fruittion yesterday. Celebrating twenty five years of marriage, Chris pulled off an absolute corker of a surprise for Helen, planning a vow renewal in front of family and friends at the same church they were married at.

Great attention to detail shone through, with Helen’s bouquet even being an exact replica of her Wedding Day flowers. It was a beautiful, heartfelt service which was an absolute honour and privilege to document. Chris and I work together, and whilst I knew he had empathy by the bucketload, I had NO idea he was sooooooo romantic. Hats off Chris, you really pulled it out of the bag.

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Dan & Kate: ‘timeless’ – synonyms: lasting, classic, enduring, perpetual, abiding, unfailing, immutable, everlasting.

These two are pretty darn cool together, that’s easy to see. With some extensive wanderlusting and exploring under their belts, they really do come across as the best of friends. Dan and Kate threw a pretty spectacular day for their family and friends, with some of the best flowers I’ve seen in a few years. The smell walking into the church was beautiful!

They’re a handsome couple right? I’m totally in love with Kate’s choice of dress, real art deco chic. This pair gave me a bit of a shock starting a chat group titled ‘photoshop’ after Dan had an incident with a table and some glasses…..I’ll now refer to Dan as Mr. Bump…..

A stunning church and a short walk to an equally epic barn made for a splendidly British affair indeed. Also, my first Bride to have been for a run on her Wedding Day……why oh why????????

The weather teased me all day with some moody clouds hovering, but luck was on our side and the light positively dreamy in the early evening. Have an amazing Honeymoon you two, enjoy your blog and have a great time exploring another Country, after all, isn’t that what life is all about? A whole world to see, and what better than doing that with your best buddy by your side. Bliss.

A huge thank you to a special support crew, our wonderful driver Jason and the immeasurably talented Patrick Watson for second shooting – (





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Elin’s Christening & First Birthday

Today was Elin’s Christening AND First Birthday party, a stroke of genius and a parenting win there from Laura and Tom!

Elin took well to being the centre of attention for the day, the Priest got a few funny looks but she took it all in her stride. As usual Laura’s attention to detail shone through, and whoever made the lemon cupcakes needs to give me a call…….:)

Laura and Tom, enjoy your blog and I hope the big tidy up wasn’t too bad! X