Top Secret Vow Renewal – Helen & Chris

Who said romance was dead? Certainly not Chris! Months of meticiclous planning finally came to fruittion yesterday. Celebrating twenty five years of marriage, Chris pulled off an absolute corker of a surprise for Helen, planning a vow renewal in front of family and friends at the same church they were married at.

Great attention to detail shone through, with Helen’s bouquet even being an exact replica of her Wedding Day flowers. It was a beautiful, heartfelt service which was an absolute honour and privilege to document. Chris and I work together, and whilst I knew he had empathy by the bucketload, I had NO idea he was sooooooo romantic. Hats off Chris, you really pulled it out of the bag.

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Dan & Kate: ‘timeless’ – synonyms: lasting, classic, enduring, perpetual, abiding, unfailing, immutable, everlasting.

These two are pretty darn cool together, that’s easy to see. With some extensive wanderlusting and exploring under their belts, they really do come across as the best of friends. Dan and Kate threw a pretty spectacular day for their family and friends, with some of the best flowers I’ve seen in a few years. The smell walking into the church was beautiful!

They’re a handsome couple right? I’m totally in love with Kate’s choice of dress, real art deco chic. This pair gave me a bit of a shock starting a chat group titled ‘photoshop’ after Dan had an incident with a table and some glasses…..I’ll now refer to Dan as Mr. Bump…..

A stunning church and a short walk to an equally epic barn made for a splendidly British affair indeed. Also, my first Bride to have been for a run on her Wedding Day……why oh why????????

The weather teased me all day with some moody clouds hovering, but luck was on our side and the light positively dreamy in the early evening. Have an amazing Honeymoon you two, enjoy your blog and have a great time exploring another Country, after all, isn’t that what life is all about? A whole world to see, and what better than doing that with your best buddy by your side. Bliss.

A huge thank you to a special support crew, our wonderful driver Jason and the immeasurably talented Patrick Watson for second shooting – (





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Elin’s Christening & First Birthday

Today was Elin’s Christening AND First Birthday party, a stroke of genius and a parenting win there from Laura and Tom!

Elin took well to being the centre of attention for the day, the Priest got a few funny looks but she took it all in her stride. As usual Laura’s attention to detail shone through, and whoever made the lemon cupcakes needs to give me a call…….:)

Laura and Tom, enjoy your blog and I hope the big tidy up wasn’t too bad! X

Here’s to doing it your way.

Duncan and Michelle decided early on that their Wedding Day would be firmly focused  around the people who matter most, and it would happen in the place they love the most. It was no mean feat transforming their pad into a Wedding reception venue. When we first met I advised them to go bonkers with fairy lights. I bloody love little twinkly lights and throw them around all over the place at home…Michelle didn’t disappoint!

A 4pm ceremony in December is enough to strike fear into any Photographer’s soul. Especially when it starts to rain too. Yup. Rain on your Wedding Day. I don’t think they noticed and it certainly didn’t change anything. Except the Church Ceremony that is. They were VERY lucky to have a super cool Vicar who let us turn the church into a mini studio and throw confetti around inside. Oh, and we could play with flash. Pretty unheard of. I’ve not felt that welcome in a church before that’s for sure.

Despite the temporary loss of the fish and chip man….(true story) I think these two should be very pleased with themselves. They made their Wedding Day all about them, their children and closest family and friends. Celebrating at home in familiar surroundings should be done more often. It made for a very relaxed Wedding Party. Until the now famous barman took over that is……..SHOTS!!! 🙂

Congratulations Duncan and Michelle. Thanks for having me along for the ride. Huge thanks to the talented Joshua Patrick Photography  for being my wingman and throwing lights around stained glass windows. Couldn’t have done it without you! x



East meets West

Picture the scene. I’ve met Kate and Dan once at a Wedding. Strictly speaking Kate twice as she had a cheeky G&T at my house many moons ago. We meet in Covent Garden for breakfast and to go through the paperwork for their upcoming Wedding. My smashed avocado and orange juice arrives, the restaurant is full of life and chitter chatter. I’m about to spend a few hours in London with these two and my camera. Does life get much better? Well…..

“So…” Kate casually pipes up “Rankin took some photographs of me recently”……

Exit stage left Louise.

Just kidding (I ain’t leaving my food obviously), but now I’m scared. Time to pop the big girly pants on and stay cool. Stay cool Lou. Arrrrgggghhhhhhhh. Don’t get me wrong, obviously he’s a legend but I soon forgot all about him in the nicest possible way. When I arrived early morning in Covent Garden it was super quiet and very festive. Almost like a film set actually. By the time we had finished chatting the crowds had arrived and it was rammed. It was a big ask to get Kate and Dan to rock it in front of all these crowds but they stepped up, and dare I say….enjoyed it? London was our set for the day.

Over 17,000 steps on the trusty fitbit by the end of play. Boom. People I shoot (never get tired of saying that) always teach me something new. I saw a part of London I’d not seen before and it left a lasting impression. No shops, galleries or fancy displays, just ordinary life for the local people. These guys have a love of the East and introduced me to a minty Shisha 🙂 Much better than the winter ‘wonderland’ we walked past.

It’s very clear that though these guys work hard, they play hard. Together. For that very reason I suspect they will rock the hell out of this marriage lark:) and whatever comes their way. An absolute joy to spend the day with, and I’m very excited to see the Wedding day unfold now, I reckon it’ll be pretty darn special. Special because it won’t just be a Wedding. It’ll be a Marriage.





Then there were three.

Yesterday I headed off in the Beetle bug to spend some time at home with a very happy little family indeed. Jaqueta and Chris are now proud parents to gorgeous Georgina who’s recently had her first birthday.

I arrived to find Georgina fast asleep on Mum in her room so we started there. Little snuffly snuggly breaths reminded me just how special these days are. Time really does fly with a baby and the sounds and smells took me right back. Time just stands still really.

A very content happy little person woke up, opened her presents and demolished a huge cupcake before we headed off to the local woods. These are just a small selection of the fun we had along the way. An utterly awesome couple of hours that have really made me reflect on just how special these days are. I am always behind the camera, and my biggest regret is not being in any pictures with my little monkey. Matter not if it’s a phone or a DSLR, just take capture those precious moments before they grow up too quickly!


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Getting off Auto

The sun was shining for Will today, how on earth this is October I’ll never know! We tucked into the best breakfast in town (true story, try cafe 33 if you don’t believe me) and hit the streets after exploring some theory.

Will nailed the basics of ISO, aperture and shutter speed quickly. He also knocked out a cracking silhouette of our fair city. The bright sun presented a few challenges for him, but he quickly adapted his settings to get decent exposures. People often avoid shooting in fully manual, but I’m confident today proved it’s the way forward. It really isn’t as difficult as you might think, and having complete control of your camera will reward you with some epic shots.

If you’re interested in a one to one session (cake/breakfast mandatory) then drop me a line. The Christmas vouchers will soon be available.

Have a look how he got on hunting the light today!